How the process works

For writers

Create a title

Upload your manuscript, along with a sample and a synopsis. Add a blurb, your biography and headshot, and you’re ready to go!

Put together a team

Find the people you need to publish your book: editors, formatters, proofreaders, designers. The writer stays in control of a clear and transparent process. No more submitting to the slush pile and waiting months for a form rejection or no response at all.'

Negotiate contracts

You decide how the profits from your book are distributed. Our model based on “Core Value” ensures a fixed return on every copy sold.

Manage the process

Drafts, editorial feedback, cover designs and proofs... all in one place, so you can watch your book take shape.

Publish and sell

Publish as print and ebook. Sell online and in shops. Benefit from the combined marketing expertise of Scrolla, your CP team and our unique freelance marketers and distributors.

For creative partners

Use your skills

Whether you’'ve worked in traditional publishing or you’re a successful self-publisher, use the skills you’ve developed to support other writers: editing, formatting, proofreading, illustration and design, and marketing.

Build a career

Work flexibly from home, and develop a portfolio which will build up your income.

Make great books

Find talented writers, and help get the best out of them. Publish great books you can be proud of.

Be part of something new

Our new model combines the quality of traditional publishing with the accessibility of indie publishing. Be in at the start of an exciting new development!

Planned supported store fronts

We plan to make Scrolla a flexible platform which enables your books to be sold and enjoyed through every available means.


Our own online shopfront will be opening soon


Nook store

Amazon Kindle


Created by writers, for writers

Books are worth something: to those who write them, those who believe in them and those who read them.

Pow-Wow began as a writers' group, and rapidly developed into a community of writers running an annual literary festival, workshops and classes, mentoring and manuscript appraisals... Now our latest venture, Pow-Wow Digital, brings you Scrolla, developed by writers for writers, using new technology to revolutionise book publishing.

Substrakt are a team bursting with creative passion and experience; we thrive on helping clients and partners get the best from considered design and intelligent digital media.

Currently in closed beta...

While we add the finishing touches, you can still be involved.
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